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Territorial io is one of the best modern multiplayer games that you can find today online and I will try to explain why. This game is about fighting for the territory - you start being a small country and have opportunity to expand and destroy your neighbours by making them part of you. The main mission of the player is to expand your territory very fast but at the same time be careful because other players can easily attack you. There are a lot of different maps in this game and all of them differ from each other - for example there is a world map but also a Europe map or Islands Map. All of those maps require different strategy and different style of expanding territory.

The most awesome feature of the Territorial.io is that the game is available in both single player and multiplayer mode. Keep in mind that even in multiplayer mode you will find some bot players. The developers made this to make it more easy for real players to expand their territory by swallowing bot players first. From the beginning of the game the enemy will try to attack you so be prepared - dont use too much soldiers in your attacks, save some of them to protect your territory. Enjoy the full version of the game for free at our website.

How To Play The Game

In fact, the game is pretty simple but you have to understand the meaning of several important bars to achieve success. Let's start from the beginning : choosing a username and picking a color. You must do this before starting the game. When the match begin, your primary mission is to occupy the neighbours to expand the territory and become stronger. The only way to do this is to send the soldiers and conquer new territory. At the beginning of the game the number of soldiers that you can use is too low so you'd better attack neutral territory and conquer it. Then you can build a strong defense and think about offense. Keep an eye on the top bar which represents the country's balance. Your mission is to keep this number high in order to generate the interest income. The bar in the bottom represents the number of soldiers used in the attack. Use this very carefully because if you send high number of soldiers for your next attack, the defense will become weaker so the enemy can easily attack and occupy your territory. At the same time, if the number of soldiers sent is too low, the enemy will survive while your soldiers will die. The best strategy is to maintain the best proportion, lets start with the 20 % of soldiers in your attacks.

Multiplayer Or Single Player Mode ?

You might know that the game is available in both single player and multiplayer mode. For the beginners it is better to start with the single player mode and fight against bot players. They are not so hard to beat and its the best way to get some practice. When you are ready to play with real people you can join the multiplayer mode. Remember that in multiplayer mode you will play against both bots and real people. Use the bots to expand your territory fast and become bigger than your nearby human players. In this game perfect timing is the best strategy - do not rush attacking the other players if they are strong - wait when someone attacks them first and then join the party.

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