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Lordz.io is a self-described sport of “Online Medieval Warfare.” All of the battlers from the past are represented from foot soldiers to archers and knights. In the spelling “Lordz.io” is a hint that the game isn’t percent serious. Advanced kingdoms defend themselves with fire-breathing, cartoonish dragons and absurd barbarians. In the first place, Lordz.io is designed to provide maximal entertainment.

The best player in Lordz io is the one who has the most powerful army. It is a game of numbers, where the person with the highest score winning player wins. The general sequence of the game is as follows collect gold, purchase soldiers, buy gold, build homes collect gold, construct towers, collect gold, and then fight. The most significant and frequently used part of gameplay should be obvious: collecting gold.

Similar to similar games, and in real life, money is the main driver for people in society. It makes everything feasible, from buying an apartment to hiring employees. Similar is the case with Lordz.io. Everything is gold-based including building barracks and guard towers to building an army. More powerful squads can build up more gold at a time and become richer quickly.

Experienced .io players will be comfortable playing on this Lordz.io interface. Prior to starting, players will be able to learn a short tutorial, buy skins and select the server. In beta there are 10 servers all over the world. Every major continent is covered which includes Asia, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. In our tests, the nearest servers worked without a glitch. As one would expect, distant servers (on the other side of the world) were slow at times.

The Lordz.io game interface is free of surprises. The top-right area displays”Lordzboard,” or the “Lordzboard,” which hosts the names and scores of the top players. The other corner of the screen is home to the overhead maps. It is crucial to remember that the map is only showing the enemies that have been discovered only. Therefore, players have to go out and explore the area to find important markers. The lower-left corner of the screen displays the keymap, as well as the price of every item. The lower-right corner shows actual gold prices and the population count.

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